A talented in-house team of ad professionals ensuring your business grows organically.

Working at Amli means you will be surrounded by creative smart, passionate and fun-loving people. People who care about motivating and inspiring their colleagues and making a real impact through their work. We believe we stand because of the great people that work here.


Alok Kumar

CEO Co-Founder & Investor

Drawn to the ad tech space in 2016 based in Gujrat, India & Dublin Ireland. He is skilled at bringing people together and working towards common goals. His experience in successfully leading teams and managing organizations.


Anand Kumar

CTO & Co-Founder

An ambitious workaholic developer based in Bangalore, India (Ex Samsung and Airpush). Having a passion for product development and 10+ experience in Ad Tech domain. He Love to build advanced SaaS product.


Mrinalini Kumari

Director & CRO

Manage business financial functions of Amli. She Coordinating and managing prospecting efforts of said accounts with business development and publisher development teams and revenue tracking for the product as well as individual performance tracking.


Jolly Solomon

Senior Sales Manager(APAC)

Amli First employee. Jolly heading Amli Business Team. She is having 10+ experience (Ex IBM). Developing Amli go-to-market strategy to acquire supply and demand relationships, coordinating and managing prospecting efforts on onboarding publishers and advertisers.


Shivani Digambar Jha

Product Sales Manager

Identify and Onboard new programmatic Publishers/SSP and demand partners. She Coordinate with partners and internal team for day to day operations.


Soumya Anchi

Lead BDE

She started her carrer with Amli as BDE in 2018. Skilled in Sales & Marketing Management. Strong business development professional with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Marketing.

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