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Advanced technology platform enables trusted, streamlined transactions across digital advertising


For Publishers: Increase profit on your monetization effort.

We help to place ads where viewability is more actionable.

Use the world's most complete publisher monetization platform to capitalize on global demand and improve ad experiences. By finding the ideal balance between user experience and revenue growth, you can master Banner, Native, Audio, and Video monetization with Amli.

The Amli Media Exchange provides exclusive access to 20+ DSPs programmatic buyers representing big brands worldwide.

For Advertisers: Set up your campaigns.

Spend your budget with confidence.

Quality ad traffic for advertisers and demand partners. Set up campaigns or connect through various Integration methods like Open RTB, S2S, and JS-TAG whether it’s CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, or CPI, and the rest is taken care of by the Amli platform itself. Amli Platform is managed by a real-time learning algorithm that maximizes your return on the ad spent within an hour.

Multiple creative options like Banner, Mraid, Full Page, Native, Video. Connect audiences with precise targeting options like latitude longitude followed by radius range. Amli has more than 20 Targeting options that can be set by advertisers to target the right audience.




Demand Partners


Average Impressions per day

"Incredible ways to increase revenue while maintaning satisfaction.
Multiple ad format: Banner, Mrec, Interstitial, Popup, Native and Videos. Self managed dashboard, get detailed reports like needles in a haystack.

Quality Service

Deep learning algorithms measure performance, Ad viewability. We make every impression count.

Always something new

We are always refining our technology which means you’ll be getting better and better results every time.

5 Star Support

We are available 24x7 & provide Individual Point of Contact to handle and optimize accounts.

Our Publishers

Amli works with both small and large publishers, offering assistance in every way to help them raise their profits. Monetize CTV, desktop or mobile websites, and Android apps (Android/iOS). The list below includes a few of our publishers.

Some of our Demand Partner

We created and introduced our Platform in 2017. Since then, we've increased the scope of our offering and teamed up with several bids and exchanges. Through these alliances, we are able to offer our Publishers premium campaigns with major brands.