Publishers frequently asked questions

Our services:

  • Monetization of Apps or Sites.
  • Digital Advertising services for Brands and Products.
  • Independent Tracking Solutions for DSP and Advertisers.
  • Demand side platform for Advertisers and demand partners to bid on Amli Platform.
  • Supply Side platform for Publishers, Ad Exchanges and Ad Networks to integrate via real time bidding.
  • White - Label Ad Solutions for Marketers
For monetization solutions for Publishers create account and register your applications and site followed by sellers details in Ads.txt page. Once sellers details follow our various integration options which fits in your requirements. Integration is just copy and paste and our system generating auto script based on your registered apps and sites. Our Integrations is easy to understand and it will take maximum 10 minutes.
Yes, once you create your account, Individual POC will be assigned with their Profile. You can connect them via Skype, email, phone and discuss details and your quarries any time.
It depends on Geo's and your user availability. For Tier 1 countries and Indian location metro cities you will receive maximum fill rate over 90%. For others it's unpredictable. To maximize your fill and profit you can select our demands partners available in the list.

GST is applicable for Indian Publishers, SSP, Advertisers and DSP. Amli invoices genearted based on your billing data setup in your billing profile. Your invoices will be generated based on current advertising GST rate and added in the invoices followed by TDS.

We follow Net 30 terms, based on invoice generated on amli platform. Amli minimum threshold for Indian Publishers is minimum $10. For Other Publishers $300. Amli transfer payment directly to your bank account or through PayPal.

Amli Integration Options:

  • SDK for Android and iOS.
  • JS-TAG for In APP, Mobile Web and Desktop.
  • JS-Tag through MoPub 3rd party mediation.
  • Server-to-Server.
  • Open RTB
  • Headers bidding (Pre bid wrapper)

Yes, You will get detailed granular reports drill down data in real time on Amli self serve dashboard.

All data policy is available on our site. Follow Amli Publishers Agreement page for details.

We support:

  • Banner
  • Mrec
  • Full page
  • Native
  • Audio (only on Music Apps and Sites).

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