AI in programmatic advertising

AI in advertising
''AI meliorates audience targeting for publishers and advertisers

Welcome to the advertising in the age of Artificial intelligence, gone are the days when the concept of AI was chiefly associated with science fiction and robots..

Thanks to the software powered by Artificial Intelligence, machines are now smarter than the plodding marketers in reaching the right customer at the right time with the right Ad.

AI gives machines the ability to think like humans, automating lots of processes for advertisers that humans normally have to do – things like buying the right media, targeting the right users, personalizing the creative, optimizing bid rates and so on.


Targeted impression is one of the greatest revenue growth opportunities for both publisher and advertiser.


Amli’s Intelligent Machine Learning Algorithms are now able to provide advertisers with invaluable predictive knowledge for a set of attributes that represents the interests and needs of the user to impact rather than fallaciously assuming that future predictions will be similar to past events.


Publishers provide targeting powered by 3rd party audiences which lack in differentiation, quality and granularity also publishers only get a minimal fraction, despite being the owners of the space being used, as most of the value created through targeting is captured by 3rd party audience providers.

AI will radically change advertising targeting for publishers by allowing them to shift media bargaining power in their favour by dropping 3rd party audiences and switching to algorithms .


How AI helping us to improve overall quality ?

  1. Bad Traffic filtering :


Every day we come across Ad fraud cases, there has been a drastic increase in Ad fraud in recent years, making fraud detection more important than ever. Amli is handling around 17-25 billion Ad Requests per day and we are filtering almost all IVT in real time within microseconds achieved by the Amli technical Team . Fraudulent resources are getting smarter day by day, so validating IP and User-Agent will not work always. However we are filtering each and every request over 300+ millions IP’s belonging to the Data center , VPN and from Public Proxy worldwide. We are making sure to advertise that their campaigns reach real devices. There is always a requirement to enhance the feature on this and save unnecessary cost of Advertisers and Ad Network/ Exchanges as requested using a lot of resources. 


2. Request Optimization for AD exchange in Programmatic Advertising :


Amli Track both side performance whether it is a Publishers or Advertisers. We avoid unnecessary requests where Advertisers win  probability  less or they don't have fill. Here, our Machine Learning algorithm is considering each parameter. Sending billions requests across DSP’s will not work in Programmatic Advertising as it is increasing unnecessary cost on infra for both parties.


3. Bid Floor Management :


Bid floors are a major constraint in programmatic Advertising . Bid floor management is very important to keep the system stable and provide all campaigns to take part in auctions. On the other hand, the win rate must be upto the mark. It not only keeps bidfloor under control but also balances the win rate at the same time. 


4.  Brand Safety :


Artificial intelligence when used in the frame of reference of ad fraud has long had a polarising effect on the industry. Companies nowadays are focusing on Brand safety as much as they are on impressions, clicks and revenue generation.

Brand safety got initialized because of some advertising mishaps, threatening the brand’s reputation and image. This includes fake or irrelevant  news or content  that is not aligned with the brand- for example, a chocolate brand advertising next to content on prevention of tooth decay.

In this connection, AI is acting as a saviour by  offering solutions through algorithms. 

AI solutions might not be able to eliminate the entire  damage, it can offer a subtle or slight degree of difference that programmatic is lacking today.


Author: Shivani Jha

Sales Manager

is adtech a better placed to win out the pandemic?

Advertising in the New Normal


After the last six and a half months of turmoil, We’ve made it to Q4. 


Here is an attempt to cover an overview of what impact and uncertainty these changes have on the programmatic advertising during and post lockdown- opportunity, scope, and conclusions to watch in order to look for the way forward. 


As the world was moving into the lockdown, advertising spends settled across the globe, OOH and cinema recoiled spontaneously. The lifestyle and media consumption patterns of the consumers changed and social media, TV, gaming services, and all forms of digital consumption climbed-up. And hence Advertisers are getting online with digital advertising as this is now a winning solution to push commerce.


Seems the adtech is better placed to win out the pandemic? 


According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, almost a quarter (24%) of media buyers, planners, and brands have paused spending until the end of Q2, while 46% indicated they would adjust their ad spend across the same time period. The first three-quarters of the pandemic had a bigger impact than the 2008 financial crisis.


There is a strong argument on the above that even though the scope of digital media consumption has increased and is expected to change permanently, the data and parameters that were used for advising or directing advertising budgets is not the same now and is expected to change drastically in the future and considering the current consumer behavior, it could be wholly different in the future. This has caused advertisers to revise the budget and the type of campaigns they should run, leading to a drop in the pricing and spending across the market.


Businesses are affected and advertising budgets are slashed due to reduced competition.


The advertising space of the digital news publishers is on a boom but ironically advertising demand for such platforms is reduced as brands are avoiding impressions with Covid related content and are withdrawing spend and blocking keywords across programmatic channels on news websites.

Deep-rooted adjustments following COVID-19 


There are many calls before the Ad digital industry in order to move ahead in the “New Normal” scene emerging post lockdown. The change towards digital attitudes of people necessitates an alteration in the strategies of brand building for businesses.


As the lockdown bends, OOH advertising will be back and it will influence the initial digital shift. This influence will lead to improving the ways and ad industry plans to execute and measure the return on investment for the business. The industry appears to be in a superior position as they hold behavioral data collected through the pandemic and this will certainly help them to emerge faster and stronger from the crisis.


Author: Shivani Jha

Sales Manager
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